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FREE SEO Tutorial - Eleven lesson search engine optimization guide.

FREE eleven lesson search engine optimization guide.
Revised for 2011 - Post Farmer Update

These eleven free weekly lessons include the following information.

Lesson 1 - please note, your next lesson will be sent in a week. The benefits of Search engine promotion Why even bother with the search engines - real stats will show you why.

Lesson 2 - checklist of things you'll want to make sure you have on your site.

Lesson 3 - taking a snap shot of where you are now

Finding out where you are now

Lesson 4 - Dissecting your competition

Figuring out where you want to be

Lesson 5 - Keywords and you

Choosing a few keywords to go after - how to pick them

Lesson 6 - On the page SEO part 1

Focusing on your site navigation, and site maps

Lesson 7 - On the page SEO part 2

On page content and tags, linking out.
Getting ready for the spyders to visit.

Lesson 8 - Some places you'll want to make sure you are

Lesson 9
Links - getting good links How does page rank work - how bad links hurt - the Farmer update and you

Lesson 10

Social Media and SEO

Lesson 11 Review and Moving Forward


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