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We Can Learn a Lot from Steve Jobs

by admin on August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs announced yesterday that he was stepping down from Apple. Speculation has ran rampant as people are wondering why he would do this. Many people have speculated the reason is probably a health reason.

My wonderings checking out the news I found a commencement address that he gave in 2005. You can check out the video below and my comments after that. I’ve you’ve learned anything from Steve Jobs you can leave us a comment.


Connecting the Dots

You have to trust that the dots will connect. You can only learn how they connected while looking backword. You should look forward and trust the dots will connect.

Love and Loss

At 30 he was ditched as the CEO of Apple. This actually freed him up to be creative and he started Pixar and other companies during this time. Sometimes life hits you with a brick. Find out what you love what you love to do… keep looking and DON’T SETTLE. He also met his wife during this time.


If today were your last day would you do what you’re going to do. Remember that you’re going to die. No one wants to die but we all share this destination. Don’t wast time living someone else’s life.

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish


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