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Tracking your Social Media / Coming up with a plan / Analytics changes

by admin on March 11, 2013

Tracking Trains Tracking Trains (Photo credit: *~Dawn~*)

Hope you had a blast this past weekend. It felt like spring time here with temps in the 70’s, of course this week the temps go back down to the 40’s – 50’s but it felt good while it lasted. Today we’re going to wrap up some news bits we got over the last week. We’re continuing to work on our publishing venture. Should have another book up this week and another one up next week. I’ll bring you some more thoughts on that on Weds.

Love this article on having a social media plan – http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2253664/Creating-a-Social-Engagement-Plan-in-4-Steps

If you don’t have a plan and goals, how do you know what is going on. I would also add if you don’t track everything, then none of it does you any good. One of the things we do every Monday is do reports for our social media clients. We let them know exactly what happened in the past week, the most important part of that report is how much did they make. One of our pleasant surprises we’ve noticed over the past weeks is how well pinterest is doing. Every week we’re getting some new sales.

A write up about pinterest – www.clickz.com/clickz/column/2252588/why-companies-should-use-pinterest-for-b2b-with-4-key-tips

Some good info about tax returns and how they can help boost your business.


Bottom line – think big ticket items. Many folks have some extra income during this time of year, why not get them to spend it with you.

Google Analytics has changed a bit over the past few months, here’s a good list of ways they’ve changed and what you need to do.


Tools you can use –

Mention is a tool you can use to monitor whenever whatever you’re tracking (your site, your competition, you, etc) is mentioned on the interwebs.


Pricing: https://en.mention.net/

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

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