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Social Media Audience, Social Media Calendars, Google Plus Tips and Ideas

by admin on January 26, 2012


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Hope your Thursday is going well.


A good article that highlights some things about social media and the audience.


One interesting thing is India is ready to by products from social media sites – the US isn’t. One note we’ve gotten some pretty good leads that buy from social media posts… so don’t let that stat fool you.

Google Plus Favortism – this is kind of a no brainer. Of course if you have a search engine, you will allow sites you run to be on the top of the search engine…


If you’re doing social media then one of the things you’ll want to make sure you’re doing is to create a calendar (in advance) so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be posting and everyone will be on the same piece of music. Otherwise it gets kind of crazy. Creating a calendar also allows you to see any gaps you may have with your coverage. This article gives you advice on how to do it.


Google Plus Tips and Advice (and examples of business pages)

A link with a ton of good tips for your Google Plus Business page.


Enjoy your weekend.


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