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Social Media and the Holidays – Social and SEO

by admin on October 27, 2011

Hope your week is going well. It is Thursday already and we’re zooming along toward the weekend.

An excellent article on Social Media and the Holidays –


I really like the tip about preparing posts ahead of time. We run a lot of blogs. One of the things we do on Saturday is write all the posts for the week (except for this Blog). This allows us to take about 10 minutes to post / per site during the week. If breaking news happens then we just shift the post to a different day. Some weekends I get really creative and will do posts for two weeks. This becomes even more important when the holidays are here because you’ll be worried about other things. Like turkey… and pie.

I also like the article about posting photos on facebooks photostrip – that would be something easy you could do to make your site more festive for any holiday… I think I might add that one to my to do list –


SEO and Social Media –


Have a good one.



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