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SEO Art or Science, Pay per Clicks, Cyber Monday recordes

by admin on December 6, 2011

This article made me think a bit – is SEO an art or a science. Personally (and I’ve been doing this for over 12 years), I think it is a combination of both. You should need to know how to technically do things, but I also think it does involve some art. You need to think not only about what works now but what will work in the future. You can ask my clients about that. Even clients from 10 years ago we’ve been focusing on creating good content and using social media when they became available. Usually that was before everyone and their brother got on the bandwagon. What do I suggest now… one thing is get on / use / create a business page for Google Plus.


If you’re using pay per click here are some things you’ll want to check out.


If you have a scrapper site / or a parked domain. Get ready for a hit from Google. Original content will of course help you (it has and always will help you).


Pretty good news from last week. Cyber Monday rocked. There is a good graphic on the following page – on another note if you check numbers trend higher till Christmas… so there should still be some good weeks ahead for you.

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