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Penguin Update – Some tips for Recovery

by admin on May 4, 2012

Image of Google & Yahoo offices in Haifa. Both...

Image of Google & Yahoo offices in Haifa. Both located in the same building (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We talked earlier this week about the Penguin update. So what can you do if you got hit with it.

The first thing whatever you do you want to do it naturally. I know that is kind of weird to say. SEO is all about signals. Google and other search engines monitor a ton of signals from your site. An example. Let’s say over the past month on average you’ve gotten ten links a month. This month you get 500… don’t you think that would throw a big red light. Yes it would.

It seems that most of the bad things from this update came from linking incorrectly.

All the same or most of the same anchor texts from links.
Links from irrelevant sites.

Some more discussion about that can be found here – as well as some possible solutions.


So the first thing I would do would be to make sure you are continuing your link plan. Create a variety of links with different anchor texts, different pages, and even no structure (just the raw url). I suggest 50 of these links. You will start at the bottom of that list and everytime you link you’ll move up to the next link. Make sure you’re building good content with your blog. Your goal is 3 new 800 – 1500 word articles a week. If you haven’t been posting on your blog or if you’ve only been writing a post a month, then start with a good post every week. Make all of these posts informational posts – not about a particular product.

If you use the mini site technique you will want to make sure they are about questions related to your niche. Let’s say I’m selling jewelry. I would work on creating a fashion site (or 2), a site about a specific type of jewelry and a site about how to buy jewelry… or something similar. You’ll only want to create 1 of these a month. You’ll want to make sure you post something every couple of days. DO NOT LINK to your site with every post. I would say do something with every 5th post. Link to industry resources within other posts.

I also like the idea of something viral, but that can be hard to do and may take a hundred tries to get something that clicks or works… but it is time well invested.

Hopefully that will give you some  ideas. Enjoy your weekend.

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