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Nuturing a relationship with your customer Day 18

by admin on June 15, 2011


Image by ms.Tea via Flickr

Today we talk about adding some messages to AWeber. A very important tidbit is to provide value first and then ask for the sale. We want folks to be looking for our stuff… nuturing a relationship with your list is a huge key. The golden rule still applies (even in internet marketing and even more so in internet marketing).

Think for a moment, do you look forward to seeing a message from marketer x or do you look at the headline and hit the delete button. We want our future customers to look forward to
the emails we’re sending them. We want them to open the email even without looking at the subject when they get an email from us. How do we get to that point, by providing value to them.

The first thing we learn today is how to craft a message around an affiliate link you’ll be promoting. Visit the affiliate page and craft a note around the content on that page.

Today’s quote – “Short and Sharp” when writing text for your emails.


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