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News for the Week and Don’t forget Mom…

by admin on May 9, 2014

Line of Bicycles Line of Bicycles (Photo credit: mclcbooks)

Friday – yes it is, just in case you didn’t notice. Also a reminder, Sunday is Mother’s day. This is a friendly note to do something nice for your Mom…

Here are some bits we’ve gathered from the web over the past week.

If you have an SEO client or are thinking about hiring an SEO firm, then you need to read this or show it to your client.


My favorite one from the list, I think is #2, you don’t own your listings. I’ve had clients with listings within the first 3 (the golden zone) for years and I still remind them, we don’t own it.

I love video – I think it is a wonderful way to communicate, teach, showcase and so much other stuff. Another great thing, besides showing potential customers how wonderful your products (or you are) is that videos help your SEO ranking.

Here is an article with some good information.


Also there has been some murmuring on the interwebs that the value of links are going away. Guess what – they aren’t going to be devalued anytime soon.


Enjoy your weekend, don’t forget about Mom and we should see you next week.

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