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Keyword Research Tool (Free), Timing SEO, CPC Declines

by admin on April 19, 2012

Effective keyword competitive analysis

Effective keyword competitive analysis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love tools, especially free. Here is a tool from Microsoft that will help you if you use excel (it is an add on). Here are the details.


Timing is everything. Here are some tips on trying to get your optimization efforts to bear fruit on time. I think this is an art. I’ve tried this many many different times (not necessarily these techniques – but trying to get a keyword within a certain time period) and it worked probably half the time… so just be aware of that.


Cost per clicks continue to decline… have you noticed your pay per click bills decreasing? I haven’t but that may just be me.


Have you ever offered free shipping for your business? Did it increase conversions? We’ve run many tests and free shipping almost always has increased conversion rates. Here are some tips for offering free shipping without breaking the bank. After all getting more people to buy while lowering your profit isn’t a win – win situation.



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