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How to improve your pay per click campaigns

by admin on September 21, 2011

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Today we want to give you a few tips on optimizing your pay per click campaigns. One thing I have a hard time getting through to my clients is if you make more than you spend on your pay per click campaigns, then it is successful. If you spend a buck and make a buck twenty five, then your campaign is successful. You want to make sure that you’re tracking every click. Tracking is pretty easy using google’s url tool. You’ll want to make sure you track every medium (google / msn), every ad (ad 1 ) and every keyword. Although Google does a pretty good job at tracking the keywords for you if you link up your analytics and pay per click accounts.

We’ll talk some about things you can test in your pay per click campaigns on Friday.

Pay per click and preparing for the holidays. People always ask me about budgets. My recommendation would be to increase your budget around the holidays related to your sales (especially true if you’re always hitting your budget limits). So lets use some simple math to explain this a bit. Let’s say nomally you spend $1.00 week. During the holidays your sales are 25% of the total sales for the year. My recommendation would be to increase your ad campaign by 25%. So you should increase your budget to $1.25 week.

Here’s the link –


If you’re a local business here are some ways / ideas to spend your pay per click money.


And finally some questions you can ask yourself to improve your pay per click campaigns.


And on a complete other subject – found this – using q and a sites and links.


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