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Google Plus Tips, Local Business Social Media Tips

by admin on February 24, 2012

Google Plus logo

Google Plus logo (Photo credit: Bruce Clay, Inc)

In case you missed it we slipped up and didn’t do our social stuff for Thursday. We had to work some on our taxes because the accounting folks were breathing down our necks… and that is never a good thing. But they are done now and so we are free for a bit anyway.

I had mentioned the weather before… it has been absolutely crazy this year. It hit 73 yesterday and was still 70 at 10 pm, remember it snowed this past weekend, and we may get snow flurries today. I should try and keep track of the temperature changes this week. Now on with the show.

Google Plus Tips –

Two Google plus guides you’ll want to read.

A video that talks about why your business needs Google +

If you don’t have a Google Plus page then you’re missing out.

Six “Successful” brands on Google Plus –

Local Business Social Media Tips

Local business marketing strategies and how they’re evolving – http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2152506/How-Local-Small-Businesses-are-Evolving-Their-Online-Marketing-Strategies

Five ways you can turn your local business into a social business –



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