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Google Plus Strategies, You Tube Ads, Getting people to give you reviews, Social Reach

by admin on August 5, 2011

School Desk

Image by jcbwalsh via Flickr

Good Friday to you. ┬áHope you have had a great week. My daughter started high-school this week… my how time flies when you’re having fun. She was pretty nervous on the first day. In speaking with her I reminded her how she felt a couple of years ago when she started junior high. Then I asked her how she felt last year when she was at the top of the heap. I told her in just a few years she would be back on the top of the heap, and then she got to start over again in college, and then over again when she got her first real job. If you think about it that is kind of like social media. When you start any social media you start at the bottom. You build and grow it day by day until you have a nice following that actually buys your stuff and listens to you. Then something new starts again and you start at the bottom. Only there is a big difference in that you can ask your friends in your other places to join you.

I think being at the top of the heap at times makes you complacent and lazy. You should always be thinking of new ways to engage your audience no matter what method you’re using.

Now on to cleaning out the inbox –

Here are some Google Plus strategies that will help you get ready to move to your new school.

Some good ideas for creating video ads with You Tube. A reminder with any advertising you need to test, measure, tweak and test again.

One of the hardest things to do (I’ve found anyway) is get someone to review your product or service. It is easy to take care of things we can do, but many times it is difficult to get other people to do something we want/need them to do. This article gives you some tips on doing that.

How often are you mentioned in the social media world – this site will help you figure out your voice.

Have a wonderful weekend and take some time to have some FUN!


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