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Fireworks, Google +,

by admin on July 5, 2011


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Happy Day after the 4th of July. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. I did have a good time with friends and family, especially on Saturday night. Lisa (my wife) and I schooled some folks in horseshoes and we watched a great fireworks show put on by my cousin in law. It’s kind of sad when his show beats out the towns show, but it does¬†consistently¬†about every year.

Google +.

Guess I’m not in the ‘in’ crowd since I haven’t been able to get an invite yet. It’s pretty funny that Mark from FB has more friends than the boys from Google.


BTW Google – shoot me an invite and I promise I will not include him in my circle.

Apparently facebook isn’t very happy about Google + peeking at your facebook friends list –


Apparently there will be Google + for business to –


Will this really help small businesses… who knows I guess only time will tell. One thing I do know. You will need to spend some more time ‘doing’ things. In fact just over the past few weeks you should be starting to get a few pages on your to do list. Just remember doing more things that work will help you beat your competitors.

Apparently though Facebook has ‘something pretty cool’ it will be revealing ‘sometime soon’.

Enough for today – we hope you have a wonderful one.




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