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Facebook’s Changes and what they Mean to You

by admin on January 16, 2013

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I had planned on continuing our series of articles on improving your business but I felt we should share our comments about the Facebook changes.

I like facebook. I’ve made money for myself and clients using both their advertising system and normal postings. So for the time I spend in Facebook, I’m seeing a very positive return on investment. People spend a ton of time on Facebook playing games, looking at pictures, chatting with friends and families from all over the world. Facebook works especially well when families live a great distance from each other.

I think their new search is just the beginning and that they will be expanding the reach of what you’ll be able to search for and the results won’t just come from what people are liking from Facebook. Here are some preliminary tips.

1. Encourage friends and followers of your Facebook page to like and comment on your posts.
2.When you have products in your feed encourage them to like that as well.
3. Be especially nice to your influencers. Folks that always are comment and liking things you post. Give them coupons for discounts off your products and / or give them things for free. I found usually in every 100 or so followers you’ll find a couple of influencers.
4. Make sure to track how you’re doing with all of your social media. It is very trackable. You should know exactly how much income you’ve made using the various social properties. If you don’t you’ll want to work on making that happen.

A good summary of the event can be found at the link below.


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