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Facebook Conference – Changes

by admin on September 23, 2011

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Good Friday to you. Some interesting things from F8 – Facebook’s conference.

1. The ‘new’ layout changes aren’t going to stay.

2. coming soon are Timelines – in a nutshell these show the history of you on your facebook. Definitely a nice idea if you have a bazillion photos. The video is pretty cool. Apparently you’ll be able to highlight a year in your timeline and show posts / videos / pictures etc. related to that year.

3.Like is changing. Example used – if you climbed a mountain instead of liking it you can say you climbed it, or camped on it…etc.

4. More analytics for you biz owners.

Anyway like I’ve said before I think the next few months will definitely be very interesting to say the least.

One thing if you’re a business owner who uses facebook you’ll definitely want to watch one of the upcoming webinars on how facebook has changed related to your business. Several folks have announced they’re having one, and it is always good to hear about what the ‘experts’ are saying about the changes.

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