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Facebook Ch Ch Changes, Facebook SEO, Google + opens the doors.

by admin on September 22, 2011

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Wow. Lot’s of cries from the people about the new facebook changes. On feeds I monitor it has been a little overwhelming how many people don’t like the new changes. I’m sure the folks at Google + are monitoring these rumblings as well. I think one of the big things people don’t like is changes to their feed. You know how Grandma checks to see what her kids and grandkids were up to yesterday or last week. I know Facebook added a few different (circles) they put your friends in. I think one of the biggest outcries comes from the fact that Facebook doesn’t really know enough to put people in circles for you. Lot’s of bad vibes on this one… Google you should be capturing some folks.

One thing I’ve noticed too is a lot of advertising from Google. I actually like the spot they ran on the “X-factor” last night. Will we see some reaction from Facebook, I guess only time will tell. I’m sure it will be interesting.

Now onto the interesting social tidbits from the past week.

Facebook and SEO – some tips.


Also this week Google + opened it’s doors to everyone. Also if you do any searching I’m sure you’ve seen the huge arrow pointing to the top nav bar. You know the one that points to Google +. Hangouts have also been changed. Expanding and allowing to people to participate as viewers only. Wow. Did Go To Meeting just whimper?


Google has also added +1 to your Google Adwords – does this help the quality score. I’m still testing things out. This article talks about it.


Wow… Google and Facebook have both been busy. If you’re keeping score I would say Google won this round… but definitely not the fight yet.


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