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Facebook Advertising Results

by admin on January 15, 2014

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Updates on Facebook Ads

I wanted to give you a quick update on Facebook advertising. We’ve been advertising them for years, and as always things tend to change over time. The goal with any advertising of course is to make more than you spend (unless you just want to build your audience, which has it’s own benefit).

This test was about buidling the audience using the Page ad. This advertising works by showing your ad, in the feeds of people who have already subscribed or are following your page.

When I started out with this page there were 25 followers. We set our budget at $10/day.

19 days the ad ran.
Amount spent – $186.34
New Likes – 249
Likes before 25
New random likes – 34
Total likes – 308

Lost likes (zero so far).

Next thing we’ll try to do is sell something to these people and we’ll then promote a post to see how that goes.

Enjoy your hump day!

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