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Cultivating Friendships on the Internet

by admin on January 23, 2013

Amazon Kindle PDF Amazon Kindle PDF (Photo credit: goXunuReviews)

The crazy week has gotten a little less crazy.

1. Our first Amazon Kindle book is now online – we’re giving it away this week. So far we have about 300 downloads. We’re giving it away free to get some good traffic / word of mouth. We’ll keep you guys posted on how well that goes. If you know someone who likes to crochet – you should send them here (yep that’s an affiliate link, which we’re using for most of our promotions. We’ll let you know how that goes).

2. We had some website problems earlier this week. It was on some blogs we built for a client, and apparently for whatever reason (not sure yet exactly what it was) they went down. I called some friends who I worked with about seven years ago to ask for some help (I was at the end of my rope). He immediately came to my aid. Why did he do that? It’s because of the relationship we had in the past (I sent him clients / he sent me clients / we both helped each other when we had questions). Remember when you’re working with folks they remember how you treat them. The Golden Rule still applies especially in the business world. You should be kind not only to your customers but also to people you work with / do business with.

Again thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy your hump day.

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