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Backlinks, Facebook, Product Ads…

by admin on February 20, 2014

A Garden hose. A Garden hose. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Thursday to you, and good morning. Spring is here for a day, supposed to be 70 degrees, of course next week, we’ll be back in the 20’s for highs, but that is how it goes. A few articles today from this week.

Mr. Cutts, says they do have a search engine (no one can view it) where back links aren’t counted as part of their algos. Here are the details –


What does that mean for you? Like it or not back links will continue to remain relevant.

Facebook changing the rules. Like it or not, Facebook is a social network with one goal in mind, to make money. If you have been frustrated lately, because your fans are seeing less and less of you on their newsfeed, then maybe this will help a bit. I mentioned some numbers in a previous post and as always we are still finding trends along those lines.


One suggestion for you – we’ve done this recently with one of the clients we manage.

1. Search out facebook biz pages with a larger following than you, who have a similar niche. Let’s pretend I sell garden hoses, then I would want to find pages that were related to Gardens, growing plants, etc. While you’re doing your research, join their page, like their posts and engage in conversations that you might have something to add to.

2. Contact them to run a giveaway or contest for you. So I would tell them I would give one of their fans a garden hose. Let them run the contest, they only mention your site as the provider of the product. Don’t do them all at once, do them once a week or so. Keep track of who sends you the most traffic, gets you the most new fans.

3. When you find the site that has sent the most traffic, ask / pay them to run another one, this time sending traffic directly to your page or website.

Again we’re still working on tweaking and tuning things but we have seen an increase in sales / traffic / and fans. Something you may want to consider doing.

Google Shopping PLA is now live. As with most new Google advertising we’ll be testing it and sharing our results with you.


That’s enough for today, enjoy the rest of your week.


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