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7 Tips to dominate search – Google Analytics tips – Pay per click research

by admin on October 7, 2011

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Good Friday to you – a wrap up of this weeks noteworthy news bits.

7 tips for dominating search –


Some things you shouldn’t be doing with Google Analytics and some tips you can use to help get more useful information.


It surprises me sometimes (although it shouldn’t) how many business owners don’t look at their analytics… can’t believe it. That would be like opening a business and never worrying about how much money you spent or how much money you made. Traffic to your website is important – you should at least know, where it’s coming from and if your traffic is increasing or decreasing.

A weather report from Google – is it raining Pandas?


If you’re not using pay per clicks to help you choose keywords you won’t to focus on then you’re missing the boat. Pay per clicks are a relatively easy way to tell how well keywords convert (and those that don’t) – here are some tips on doing it.


Enjoy your weekend.

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