Skills to pay the Bills

by admin on April 22, 2016

Welcome to Friday.

Good news for Google – maybe bad news for you (or maybe not) – SEO related spending will be 80 billion by 2020 (that’s just four years away). Some details about the forecast can be found here –

If you have an SEO agency, then you need to read this article – some tips on how to get things done just a bit better –

Maybe you’re just starting out – you should have some skills to pay the bills –

Have small business clients – or maybe you own a small business – here are some must do tips.

And finally if you aren’t using Instagram, maybe you should be –

Enjoy your weekend.


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April Fools Edition

by admin on April 1, 2016

Happy April Fool’s Day – don’t worry no fooling with the articles we highlight this week.

29 of the most interesting SEM stats –

Highlights I like – you should note.

Check out the right hand stats. Note these are early results, I’m sure as consumers take notice, there may be some additional changes.

Mobile – if you’re site isn’t mobile ready – do it now.

Digital ads will pass television.

Since Google changed the position of the ads, they have decided they will change Adwords too – here are some details.

Use Reddit to discover new types of content –

Some details about the SERP changes –

Enjoy your weekend.


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Tool to review your mobile website – Blogger guidelines and more.

March 18, 2016

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Super bowl weekend is here. It makes me sad because now we’ll have to wait for several months to watch football again. Pay attention as you watch it this weekend to the commercials. I’ll post my winners and losers next week. Some Guidance on Google Analytics – If you need to tell someone how to […]

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